Bryan has been entertaining and educating audiences for more than 30 years. As a veteran sales coach, keynote speaker and a Super Bowl official in the NFL, Bryan understands the formula for elite performance and masterfully weaves stories from the football field with inspiring, actionable content.

Whether you know Bryan as the Founder of Blind Zebra, an elite sales and client success coaching company based in Indianapolis, co-host of Sales Unscripted or The Advanced Selling Podcast (the longest running sales podcast in history) or because you’ve yelled at NFL Umpire #92 on a Sunday afternoon, you know he’s all about one thing: helping exceptional individuals and teams go pro.

Please join me in welcoming NFL Super Bowl Official #92, Bryan Neale!

Tips to Maximize Your Event with Bryan:


Build Excitement:

  • Have your audience listen to The Advanced Selling Podcast or Sales Unscripted Podcast prior to hearing Bryan speak
  • Encourage your team to connect with Bryan and the Blind Zebra crew on LinkedIn
  • Request an interview with Bryan for your publication/social media

Program Customization:

  • Pre-event prep call with Bryan and your planning committee/decision makers
  • Share your goals and details about your audience with Bryan so he can ensure the content is 110% relevant for you

Optional VIP Experiences:

  • Photo session with Bryan after he speaks (including the chance for your audience to take a picture with his Super Bowl ring!)
  • Q&A session to answer anything people want to know about football, sales and life
  • Piano playing and custom song creation for your group on the spot