From Sales Coach to The Blind Zebra: Developing Your Compelling Personal Brand

When Bryan Neale began his sales career in the early 1990’s, there was no social media. No iPhone. Not even a car phone. Just old school, good ol’ fashioned selling. When he started coaching a few years later, he quickly learned he wasn’t the only sales coach in his market. Old-way-of-thinking guys who got tired of selling and decided to start teaching others instead were his colleagues—and a picture of who Bryan knew he didn’t want to be.

Fast forward to the era of social media, iPhones and a whole new world of selling. Today’s magic bullet isn’t the latest technology or a new sales technique. Instead, the most successful sales pros know how to build and leverage their own personal brand to stand out in the crowd.

This session is a blend of tactics and storytelling. Bryan’s strategies are generation agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in sales for a few months or for your entire career. Social selling is here to stay. Using the exact strategies he teaches, Bryan isn’t embarrassed to say he’s a sales coach anymore. Even better, he’s proud to say he’s The Blind Zebra.

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  • Utilize principles of storytelling to connect with their prospects
  • Build their personal brand on social media platforms to stay visible in their industry
  • Leverage social strategies to expand their pipeline


“Bryan’s work with my team surpassed our expectations. Our audience truly resonated with his message—it felt like he had been part of our team for years. After working in healthcare through a global pandemic, Bryan was just what we needed to lift everyone up, restore their energy and reengage their spirit.

Smitha Ravipudi
CEO, USC Care and Ambulatory Care Services at Keck Medicine of USC

The Secret Sauce: Creating Your Personal Business Plan

High performing salespeople aren’t good at selling because they wing it. The high achievers always have a plan. But even the best of the best can get stalled, whether the pipeline slows down, the economy shifts or life just gets in the way.

Using his famous Personal Business Plan© tool and process, Bryan will guide your team to develop their individual 6-month plan to achieve both sales and personal wins. With a focus on behaviors and conquest accounts, the PBP tool has been used by sales teams around the world to level up even the top salespeople in an organization.

This workshop is highly interactive, and participants will leave with their first 6-month plan in place so action can begin immediately. The session is a mix of personal work and group interaction and is best suited for teams who are prepared to truly take action on a new way of planning their sales success.

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  • Identify key conquest accounts to focus on winning in the next six months
  • Focus on behaviors and actions that support their sales goals
  • Understand the possible threats to their success and how to combat them


Leveraging LinkedIn in Real Time

If your sales team is looking for new strategies to grow their pipeline, you’re probably already using LinkedIn. You’re also probably approaching LinkedIn the way everyone else is—and it’s harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of using the same techniques as your competitors and colleagues, Bryan will teach your team how to maximize LinkedIn for prospecting by leveraging a new approach. Using the proven process Bryan teaches sales teams all over the country, including his own Blind Zebra biz dev team, he will book a prospect meeting for you from his network in real time during this workshop.

This session isn’t about the basics of how to use LinkedIn. It’s about how to harness the true horsepower of social media platforms to build your pipeline efficiently and effectively. If your team is using LinkedIn for prospecting now but not seeing exponential results, this workshop will change how you think, act and achieve.


Workshops are typically 2.5-3 hours and will be customized to fit your specific needs

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