Meet Bryan

Raised in a small town in southern Indiana, Bryan learned at an early age that the key to life is dreaming big and taking action on those dreams. From the age of 10, Bryan’s passion for creating amazing life experiences and inspiring others to do the same has fueled his purpose. As he often says, “No one’s checking their Chase app on their death bed. They’re just reflecting on all their life experiences.”

Bryan’s professional success includes:

  • Owning 7 different companies
  • Founding Blind Zebra Consulting, a world-renowned sales coaching organization
  • Founding and co-hosting the Advanced Selling Podcast, the world’s longest running sales training podcast with over 15MM downloaded episodes
  • Training more than 10,000 individuals over the last 25 years
  • Speaking to thousands of audiences sharing his First Domino theory and his life changing Think-Do-Say framework ™


Client Facing Hours Coaching

Podcast Downloads

Price Is Right Appearances

Grammy Nominations

Super Bowl Official #92

In more than 35 years of refereeing football, Bryan:

  • Spent 17 years officiating college football, including 8 years in the Big Ten Conference with 7 Bowl Games, the inaugural Big Ten Championship and the 2010 BCS National Championship Game
  • Was selected in 2014 to officiate in the National Football League (a goal he had written down at 19 years old)
  • Officiated 11 NFL playoff games in 9 seasons
  • Celebrated the realization of a lifelong dream in 2022 when he was selected to officiate Super Bowl 56

Bryan’s family would tell you he is a “walking fun fact,” with experiences like:

  • Being a self-taught musician (he plays piano, drums, guitar and trumpet)
  • Being a certified SCUBA Diver, skydiver and has a private pilot’s license
  • Performed “Rappers Delight” in front of a crowd of 500+
  • As a college student, co-founded the Indiana University Dance Marathon which is now the largest student led fundraiser in the world
  • Has 5 kids and is married to his CEO
  • Was once a winning contestant on The Price is Right


… and with all of that, he’s a simple guy from a small town in Indiana who loves sharing his strategies for doing life in a big way with audiences all over the world.