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What’s Your Super Bowl? The Keys to Achieving a Lifelong Dream

Bryan Neale started refereeing Pee Wee football when he was in college. He wasn’t the fastest or most talented, but he knew if he put his mind to a goal, he was willing to put in the work to make it happen. At the age of 19, he put his dream in writing—to officiate the Super Bowl by the time he was 51 years old.

With twists, turns and tens of thousands of miles traveled over nearly three decades working in football, Bryan learned the strategies needed to achieve at the highest level. Whether your goal is to hit a sales quota at work, spend more time with your kids or learn to fly a plane, Bryan’s principles of achievement through intentional goal setting will help you get there. Bryan will also share some of his behind-the-scenes experiences from working Super Bowl LVI (at the age of 52).

The First Domino™: Conquering the Fear of Getting Started

What if you had the secret sauce to reduce your chance of failure? For most people, dreaming is the easy part. Getting started is where they get stuck.

In this engaging conversation, NFL Super Bowl Official and veteran sales coach Bryan Neale will teach you the impact of the First Domino™ Effect—the strategies you need to move past an idea and actually get started making it a reality. Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Thinking about applying for a promotion at work? Want to get over your fear of failing when you start something new?

Using lessons from his journey to the NFL, Bryan will share examples of first dominos and help you understand how to identify your own. Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome, a fear of success or self-doubt, you will walk away with practical steps and techniques to get unstuck and start working toward your own first domino.

The Power of How: Why Knowing Your Why Isn’t Enough Anymore

If you’ve spent any time at a corporate retreat, in a personal development course or perusing the “recommended reading” section of business books in the last decade, you’ve probably heard a leadership guru suggest the importance of understanding your “Why.” It’s for good reason—leaders who understand why they are doing something are much more likely to be successful at inspiring the people around them.

But what if knowing your “Why” isn’t enough anymore? In an era of economic instability, shifting business landscapes and unrest around the world, it’s easy for even the best leaders to know their “Why” without committing to the “How.”

Instead, Bryan Neale will teach you a new mantra: How you do one thing is how you do everything. He will help you examine the mechanics of your life, and how those activities impact the outcomes and results you’re getting. You will leave with a new perspective on how to modify your “How” to ensure you’re focusing on your greatest opportunities for positive impact, both at work and at home.

“I’ve spoken on the same stage as some of the best speakers in the world-Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Marshall Goldsmith-the list goes on. I would speak alongside Bryan Neale anywhere anytime. He is one of the most relatable inspiring people your audience will ever hear from.  If you’re having a sales kick-off, national sales meeting, or any large meeting it would be a HUGE MISTAKE to NOT hire Bryan.”

David Meltzer
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Keynotes for Sales/Client Success

Super Bowl Selling: The Secret to Selling Like a Champion

What separates the pros from the middle of the pack? When the pressure is on, how do high performers bring their A game instead of dropping the ball?

Whether you’re a pro athlete who works your whole career to get to the big game or a pro sales leader who works to knock your quotas out of the park, the keys to winning are the same.

Veteran sales coach and NFL Super Bowl Official Bryan Neale knows what success looks like in both. In this program, he will teach you his proven strategies for Super Bowl Selling. You will walk away with Bryan’s famous three-part methodology known as TDS™—a system you can use immediately to shift the course of your professional success.

If you’ve been in sales for a just few years or more than a few decades, this isn’t your normal sales training. This session is for pros who are ready to level-up, think differently and sell like a champion.

S#*t That Works™: The Greatest SKO on Earth

If you’ve been in sales for more than a minute, you know that there’s no more pivotal moment each year than the Sales Kick Off. A successful SKO can set a team up for huge success, or it can stall momentum and create unproductive emotion for the year ahead.

As a sales leader, you’ve probably tried a bunch of approaches for past SKOs—a comedian, a professional juggler, an inspirational person who has climbed a mountain or survived a harrowing experience. Your intent is in the right place, and you know your team wants to start the year strong, but the motivational guru on the stage hasn’t gotten you the results you’re looking for.

No more, my friend, no more. In this game-changing start to your SKO, Bryan Neale will cut to the chase and teach his keys to S#*t That Works™ in today’s sales environment.

Bryan will dive deep into strategies to help your team avoid being ghosted, handle objections like a champ, expand the top of their sales funnel and increase deal velocity. He will also share what not to do and how you can encourage your team to approach their sales success like a pro.

If you’re looking for an SKO that provides usable tools to your team instead of old school tactics or motivational fluff, it’s time to talk about the S#*t that actually works!

Are You Ready? Selling Strategies for Today’s Chaotic World

Two years of lockdowns. Face to face meetings moved to Zoom overnight. Buyers won’t return calls. Inflation, supply chain issues, a more divided world than ever… and you’re in sales?! Good luck!

Sales readiness is the new game in town. In order to succeed in an ever-changing sales environment, your team needs the right blend of culture and tactics. This session delivers both.

Using lessons learned from coaching high performing sales teams through 2020/2021, Bryan will share proven strategies to help bolster your position when times get rough. You’ll walk away knowing how to navigate a recession, calm your fear of the unknown and reestablish your pipeline with confidence. Are you sales ready?

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